People go to Twitter to share, learn, and engage with each other. Twitter users are hungry for new ideas, opportunities, information, services, and products of all kinds. If your business is not part of this dialog, you are missing a tremendous opportunity.

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We live in a world where social marketing has become the norm. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube provide social platforms and form social communities in which anyone can join, participate & be heard. These social communities have members that are represented in the hundreds of millions for just about every topic you can think of. Social Media continues to grow in both numbers and important. Social Media Marketing is highly advantageous for your business! Social marketing & advertising can provide the leverage that can expand the awareness of your brand & its products & services exponentially!

Building customers for your business is all about building relationships. Social marketing helps in this process by creating a platform for engagement. Building awareness for your brand, your company and its products & services are a fundamental element to fostering your business growth. Balanced and successful marketing strategies must include social marketing as well as link building, email advertising, press release distribution and other targeted marketing strategies.

If you use On Demand Social on a regular basis, you will get results. Like any form of advertising, repetition is the key. Our services are affordable and effective and best of all, we do all the work for you! Diversifying your marketing strategy and including social media as part of your marketing efforts will deliver more traffic, sales, and profits to your business!

The Power Of Twitter!

Business of all sizes use Twitter for everything from marketing to customer service, Twitter is a social media tool that allows you to engage in real time conversations with your followers where ever they are. If you are looking for a great way to drive more site traffic, you need to start using Twitter.

Here are five tips and best practices to follow when utilizing Twitter:

Why do you want to be on Twitter…

The Twitter community values interaction with real people. If the only thing you’re adding to the conversation is a push to visit your website, you aren’t going to have a strong and valuable reputation on Twitter. Some people will still follow you and click your links, but you’ll be failing to leverage the unique opportunities Twitter’s platform provides.

Some misinformed businesses believe they need to be Twitter just because that’s where their customers are. Twitter is actually a tool that can help your business achieve its goals and objectives. Twitter can be a source to find new suppliers, find new employees, find out what people are saying about your business, improve your customer services, and much more.

Define Your Voice…

Make sure you speak with a consistent voice. Many business owners are just too busy so they rotate the function of Tweeting. Bad idea! If you want to really leverage Twitter for your business, you need to have a consistent voice & personality. This does not mean you only can have one person tweet, it means your voice needs to be consistent with your brand personality and company objectives.

You Must Be Knowledgeable…

Depending on what goals you’ve set, you need someone who knows the issues related to those goals inside and out. If your goal is to promote a new product, make sure your Tweets reflect product features that will benefit your Twitter followers.

Be A Great Listener…

The people you assign to manage your Twitter account should be better at listening then they are at speaking and writing. It’s very important on Twitter to respond to people who post messages to you (using the @ symbol next to your Twitter account name, and through direct messages that are more like email). Failing to answer followers’ questions or acknowledging their request is Twitter death. A simple “@TwitterName It’s a known bug or issue and we’re working on it” or “@TwitterName Thanks!” is all that’s needed.


Most important of all on Twitter is Trust. If you want to be successful on Twitter, put people you trust behind Twitter. It’s a powerful platform that spreads information to millions of people very quickly, and one misguided employee can cause disastrous effects. You need to trust the people who represent your company on Twitter completely. The employees or partners representing your business on Twitter need to cultivate your brands voice and write like a human being. Keep in mind, Twitter is not a place for your advertising slogan -it’s a real person talking with a community of other real people. Find people you trust, and give them reasonable autonomy.

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